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International Space Station Imagery

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S98-05168 (28 May 1998) --- Astronauts and cosmonauts assigned to missions dealing with the development of the International Space Station join various officials at the Khrunichev Space Center in Moscow. From the left are astronauts Frederick W. Sturckow, Jerry L. Ross, unidentified guest, astronaut Robert D. Cabana, unidentified guest, astronauts Nancy L. Currie and James H. Newman, cosmonaut Yuri P. Gidzenko and astronaut William M. Shepherd. Cabana, Sturckow, Ross, Newman and Currie are members of the STS-88 crew which will link the U.S.-built Unity node to the Russian-built Zarya control module. Gidzenko and Shepherd are members of the Expedition 1 crew, who will be the first permanent occupants of the station.

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